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Women entrepreneurs! Ladies, we are a special breed.
Whether you’re just starting to grow your business OR have been around the block and back, you’re living the dream and there’s no looking back, darn it.

We are going to change the world.

We are going to enhance our speaking careers, write our books, grow our email lists, and guest post our ovaries off. We are going to take care of our kids, our spouses, our significant others, our pare snts, and our friends and do it all while scheduling in a little me time. We are going to juice, exercise, keep track of our expenses, travel the world and give back to society. We are the wonder women, the super women, the pulse of modern society, the rock and the salvation for our clients. Hm. We might need each other’s help. Because we’re in it to win it, in every aspect of life.

Enter Lady Business!

Media BY women like us, FOR women like us.